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Wednesday 08th December 2021 09:08 AM
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Technolabs Products:


Technolabs products are dedicated to providing the best service possible to all our customers. Each product can be tailored to the customers individual needs in most cases. Assistance can be given throughout all stages of set up right the way to operational support thereafter :

IP Transit

IP Transit

As bandwidth requirements grow, so does the need for IP Transit. Here at Technolabs we can help you find your way amidst the vast amounts of documentation held by the RIRs from obtaining your own IP space to becoming a fully multi-homed LIR. We can help finding just the right upstream providers for your needs.

IPv6 Migration Design and Support

IPv6 Design

IPv6 is coming fast. All the upcoming jargon that your engineers will need to know is here. Let us help by showing you through the first steps. With global IPv6 reachability, we can show you this simple feature, making your network more attractive to its user base. From a range of offerings such as IPv6-IPT to simply helping you decide between label-switching with 6PE or simply routing your v6 based traffic, speak to Technolabs.

MPLS Network Design


With value added services such as VPNs and Pseodo-Wires, why not design your network with these things in mind? Technolabs can offer a wide range of advice on services like these, adding value to your business as it grows. From a fully label-switched network architecture to simpy enabling your wholesale LNS for VPNs, our team has the experiance and the ability to show you the right way.

Hosted Services Consulting

Hosted Services

Technolabs offers a wide range of consulting on Hosted Services. From traffic management solutions to simple domain hosting, we can supply you with the right package. From our hosting platforms, we can simply serve your content and email needs, or we can offer you a resiliant, tailored solution specifically for you with full training supplied.