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Continuity is brought to you by a group of computer security enthusiasts based in Manchester, between us we have been behind a number of events in the UK, some of which are listed below.


Access All Areas II (1996) Ok, we didn’t organise Access All Areas, but we did organise the afterparty, our very first security event, described as ‘The Party at a dodgy pub somewhere in London’ in Harlequin's review here. Most notable for Emmanuel Goldstein abseiling out of the window in the early hours of the morning to catch a plane.
Controversy (1996) This was our first stand alone event and you can read Harlequins review here and the press it received , as you can see it was mainly notable for accusations that the labour party web page was defaced by persons unknown at the party.
DNSCon 1 Afterparty (1998) House party in a couple of flats, probably best forgotten about, but if you must you can read about it here
Conspiracy (1998)

Our second party in Manchester, read Harlequin's review here. Notable for the columbian gangsters than ran the bar.

Catastrophe (1999) House party in Manchester
DNSCon 3 Afterparty (2000) Private party in the Hilton kindly paid for by a TV Crew.
DNSCon 4 Afterparty (2001) This was originally going to be a private party in the Hilton again but unfortunately we were evicted in the early hours by hotel security and some anti-terrorist police.
DNSCon 7  Afterparty (2004) Private party in a suite at the Imperial, notable for one of our guests running up a 1000 pound bar bill on champagne.
DNSCon 8 Afterparty (2005) Private party in a suite at the Imperial.


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