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Continuity is a free security convention open to anyone with a interest in computer security, hacking, phone phreaking, telephony, cryptography, internet security/privacy, urban exploration, social engineering and related subjects.

One of our key aims with Continuity is to gather together as many people as possible who were on the old school BBS’s like Duck and Cover, Terminal Boredom, Unauthorised Access, Urban XTC, 1066, and the many others, or attended con like Access All Areas, Hacktic HEU, Controversy, Conspiracy, Catastrophe and DNS Con, along with people who have attended any of the monthly UK 2600 meetings.

We’d also like to see anybody there with a current interest in computer security, and related subjects even if they have never been on a BBS or to a conference before.

It will of course also be an excuse for a massive piss up and party.


UPDATE: Continuity '06 is now over and thanks to all those who came and helped to make it such a big success.

Please continue to check back here for details of our next event, or if you can't wait that long consider coming to one of the monthly Manchester 2600 or London 2600 meetings.